How to send personalised messages on WhatsApp?

When you want to inform your customers about a promotional offer, it is always better if the message is personalized to the customer. It increases the probability of the customer replying to the message. Similarly, if you want to update your customer regarding their order, it is obvious to send the message custom to the user. Here's how you can send customized messages on WhatsApp -

Enter the details you'd like to send customised to the user along with their contact numbers. For example, in this case, I'd like to add the customer's Name and a custom message. The first row is always for the column headings - Contact numbers, Name and Message in this case.

Please note that the first column should always be the contact numbers. Other columns can be whatever you like and in whichever order. Here is a link to the template excel:

Once you have the excel ready, you can now upload it in the extension

After you upload, the contact numbers field freezes. It cannot be edited. If you want to edit, you'll have to upload the excel again.

Once they are frozen, you can now enter the custom column you'd like to send from the drop down

Once this is done, click on 'Send Message'.

This is how you can send customised messages on WhatsApp

How to schedule a message?

The option to schedule allows you to send messages to your contacts at a pre-set time. When you want to broadcast your message at a certain time during the day and you aren’t available during that time, you can choose to schedule your message.

After entering the contacts and the message you want to send, enter the time you would want to send the message at. Once you enter the preferred time, click on Schedule. You should receive a notification confirming about the same.

You can also view the scheduled time in the extension

If you have scheduled a campaign at 9 PM in the evening, your messages should start broadcasting the next time it turns 9 PM. The campaign shall be valid once and it will shoot in the next 24 hours at the set time.

Important points to consider

WhatsApp Web should be open at the set time i.e. the time campaign would shoot

Please do not run any normal campaign before the scheduled time. If you run a campaign before the scheduled campaign time, it might affect your scheduled campaign

If you want to cancel the scheduled campaign, you can just close the tab or refresh the tab

Do not close the tab when the messages are being sent